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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 18th, 2015

Episode 309 of 870 episodes

In the knowledge of Calendar Girls, Brian thinks the Christmas Show might actually be worth seeing this year - and wonders who's in the cast (Sabrina Thwaite's involvement wouldn't harm ticket sales!) perhaps Jennifer should have a go, he says? Susan thinks the dairy is spotless but Joe says there could be all sorts of diseases there. Joe gets rather upset with PC Burns at the lack of progress finding Ed's cows. David has called an emergency Farm Watch group meeting for tomorrow. Meanwhile, Dan has whipped Toby and his rugby mates into shape as they work to restore the village hall. Brian's shocked when he goes to Berrow: there are fifteen cows being treated and Charlie has already lost twenty-six. Charlie insists he's on top of things - he just needs confirmation from the vet about what's causing this. Charlie's best guess is botulism. There's no sign of it letting up. Susan's tempted to be in the Christmas show until she realises it's Calendar Girls. Neil's more concerned about Berrow and asks Jennifer what's really going on. Joe speculates on why Rob left: Jennifer says it was personal and also reveals that Helen is pregnant. Jennifer demands to know from Brian what's happening. Brian doesn't think it's anything infections, but it's serious and there's no way Brian can sugar-coat it for the community.

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