The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 18th, 2015

Episode 344 of 870 episodes

Toby and Rex are chuffed to have their licence, so they can press on with the geese. Toby tries to get Pip to go out with him - he also wants to go in with her and Adam with the share-farming business, offering to ease the burden by supplying fifty cattle of their own. But Rex is keen to stay focused on poultry. Jill's settling back in at Brookfield and Ruth reminds her she doesn't have to tidy everything, as Jill rearranges the cupboards back to how she recognizes things. Ruth is still busy with paperwork and details for Heather's estate. She's disappointed to find out that Jez, the new AI man, has been and gone. Ruth finds herself feeling constantly not needed whilst trying to be useful. As Ruth focuses on her paperwork, Pip and David agree they're a bit worried about her. David tries to cheer Ruth up by telling her how good she has always been with the calves. Ruth also finds out about Jill and Pip having champagne together as a mini celebration when David and Ruth were away. Jill reminds everyone they should have that celebration they had to put off - the nice meal. David looks forward to more success off the back of Pip's graduation, but Ruth seems to have mixed feelings as she and David look to the future ("whatever it may hold", says Ruth).

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