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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



December 18th, 2015

Episode 370 of 870 episodes

Shula's keen to help David however she can, with Christmas coming up. With Matthew the milker on board, says David, they're coping. David could do with some of Jill's energy - she's delivering beef orders and her cake is going down well at the Ambridge Tea Room. Meanwhile, Toby and Rex are dressing their birds, with help from Clarrie - they have their work cut out, despite the help. Shula drops a housewarming gift to Richard Locke (before taking a donkey to church for the Nativity). Richard is the new tenant at Keepers Cottage will be spending Christmas with Chloe, his ex, and their daughter Sasha. Shula's delighted that Richard asks to join her at the Nativity. There, Richard seems to vaguely recognise Rob, who can't seem to recall them having met. Richard invites Rob and Helen to his housewarming party, but Rob suggests they'll be busy. Helen runs out during the performance, needing some air. Worried Rob tells her she needs to take care of herself - and their baby son. David and Pip are stunned to find out that Ruth has decided to stay on in New Zealand over Christmas. David rationalises that Ruth is clearly getting a lot from her trip, but Pip can't believe it - she thought her Mum would want to be at home with them over Christmas. Yes, so did I, says David, holding back tears.

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