The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 19th, 2016

Episode 475 of 870 episodes

Pip and Rex talk about Josh's business two-timing with the Fairbrothers and Neil. Rex reports that he told Josh to back off the marketing as a result, but he doubts that Josh listened. Rex bemoans the fact that he is making enemies: the Christmas geese and turkey wars with the Grundys and now Neil. Rex tries to flirt with Pip but Pip deflects the conversation. The rebuilt egg mobile is ready and Pip helps Rex and Bert move it to Hollowtree. Ursula visits Rob, who has been moved out of Intensive Care. Ursula says he should be coming home this weekend, but Rob insists he sees Henry before then - this afternoon. At the hospital, Henry was bursting for the toilet, and Pat suspects he held it in so as to not make Rob cross. Pat and Tony are awkward but Henry is excited to see Rob. Rob promises Henry that he is getting better... Tony takes Henry away so Pat can talk to Rob alone. Pat wants to talk about Helen, but Ursula interrupts. She tells Pat that she should go and not come to visit again. If Rob wants to see Henry then Ursula can bring him. Later, Pat gets emotional: "First John. Then Greg. Now this." Tony reminds her that they got through those troubles, and they can get through this.

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