The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 19th, 2015

Episode 200 of 870 episodes

Reluctant birthday girl Fallon reckons she can only spare ten minutes for a drink later. Harrison sneaks into The Bull at lunchtime to do some prep, on the pretext of seeing Jolene. Later he quietly rounds everyone up for Fallon's surprise film screening. It does the trick and Fallon's delighted; how did Harrison know it's her favourite film? As Mike checks everything's safely out of Willow Cottage, he notes sadly that he can't take Betty's tree with him. It would have broken her heart if she'd known about Roy's marriage troubles. Roy and Brenda encourage Mike gently to remember the good times. For his part Mike entreats Roy not to give up on Hayley - they were meant to be together, just like him and Betty. Roy avoids answering. As they see him off Mike rues the end of an era. Kate's feeling sorry for herself over her parents' reaction to her dropping out of her course. Lilian's sympathetic, assuring Kate that Jennifer must be blaming herself deep down. They bond over their recent experiences with relationships. The solution, declares Lilian, is to put on their best frocks and paint the town red. Over gin at the Bull Lilian encourages Kate to have faith; together they'll come up with a plan that will amaze everyone.

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