The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 19th, 2016

Episode 527 of 870 episodes

Pat and Tony take Jack to a park nearby the mother and baby unit. Pat is emotional over meeting her grandson and that he's out in the world properly for the first time. She's is glad Jack is with Helen and safe from Rob. Tony says he thinks Helen is becoming less shut away inside herself. Jill called Anna to tell her about Carol's fall and broken wrist. Carol says Jill shouldn't have interfered. Anna thinks about going for a swim at Grey Gables but Carol warns her that Kirsty (a prosecution witness) works there so, she goes for a run instead. When she gets back Anna apologises for being crotchety earlier and tells her mother she will be staying with her because, with a broken wrist, Carol can't manage on her own. Rob takes Henry on the Blackberry Line, pointing out that his mummy promised to take him but she never did. Henry is excited to see the steam train and Rob says their day will be much more fun than being at boring old Bridge Farm. He adds they can't see Henry's baby brother because Helen won't let them. That evening, after tucking a sleepy Henry into bed, Rob is upset: It should be his first Father's Day with Gideon. Ursula comforts him and tells Rob to put his faith in the courts.

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