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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 19th, 2015

Episode 231 of 870 episodes

It's the village fete - for one year only at Lower Loxley. The theme is 'Ambridge through the ages' and Lynda's dressed up as a Borsetshire milk maid. Today's events include Morris dancing and welly wanging. Kirsty and Dan are both in town for it. Dan impresses on the coconut shy - his army training clearly coming into its own. Shula laments the absence of Alistair, who's busy covering a practice in Darrington. Adam worries that a retired Brian will be a nightmare critic of everything he does. Debbie and Charlie get chatting and find some common ground discussing drones and technology. Meanwhile, Brian enjoys the chance to let out his frustration with some crockery smashing. There's an awkward moment between confident Kirsty and sheepish Tom, as they make polite small talk. She even recalls their own doomed wedding, as Tom talks of Helen's plan to get married. Kirsty mentions the chap she's with - Gareth. He has heard much about Tom. Shula and Elizabeth are still worried about David and Kenton. Proud Kenton should have sold his hampers at the fete - he'd have made a fortune. Brian reflects on his forty years on the farm - he remembers the day he bought it. It he gives it up, what on earth is he for, Brian wonders?

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