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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



March 20th, 2016

Episode 449 of 870 episodes

Elizabeth announces to Lilian that she has been nominated for Borsetshire Businesswoman of the Year. Lilian calls her a "trailblazer" and Elizabeth thanks her. Alf comes into the shop and talks about the barn dance. He says he hasn't seen much of the family lately but "brothers is brothers". At The Bull, Elizabeth says Lilian has sounded more like her old self lately. Richard is impressed by Elizabeth's good news, but she finds it hard to take the compliment. At the bar, Lilian is propositioned by Alf. They both feel very at home propping up the bar! Elizabeth invites Richard and Sasha at Easter, but Richard says that he has been invited to Shula's. Rob comes in to the Bridge Farm shop on his day off to help Pat, with Henry in tow. Rob talks about Helen's continuing concerning behaviour and hopes the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy referral comes through soon. Pat says how nice it is to see things working out for the Grundys for a change. She says she wants to hold a tea party for Ursula before she leaves Ambridge, and she can have Henry on Good Friday to give Helen and Rob space. Rob moots the boarding school idea to Henry, saying it would be an adventure, and it's where Rob himself went. He tells Henry to keep it a secret: it's a surprise for Helen.

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