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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 20th, 2016

Episode 476 of 870 episodes

Pip and Ruth marvel at the problems Josh's business decisions have caused. Pip wonders if it is too soon to ask Tom again about her mob-grazing proposal, and Ruth says he might be glad of the distraction. Pip and Tom have lunch at Fallon's Tea Room. He laments his sister's situation, and Pip is sympathetic. Tom is receptive to her mob-grazing plan, as he thinks that looking after fewer cattle might be helpful for his family right now. Later, Ruth suggests Pip take a loan from her and David rather than a bank. Pip asks her mother if she spoke to Josh - she has but she's not sure if he was really listening. Lynda rings Eddie in alarm - the folding bed he had installed in her shepherd's hut has collapsed! Eddie and Joe set about fixing it, reassuring Lynda that the new timber they are using is hard-wearing. Eddie politely enquires how hard-wearing the bed needs to be. It's raining, so Eddie doesn't quite finish work on the hut. Lynda is in a rush to see it completed so she can better visualise her garden. She says that the garden is for the whole village - and if it doesn't turn out well she will be deeply ashamed.

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