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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 20th, 2015

Episode 232 of 870 episodes

Bert lays the ground at the Bull for Freda's rose - to be planted in Autumn. Bert went along to the fete yesterday, for the first time without Freda. . Kenton remembers an embarrassing and highly amusing spoonerism gaff by the mayor during an announcement. Kenton's bitter about the fete being at Lower Loxley - the Bull lost so much trade. Phoebe helps Jennifer make a celebration fruit cake. They discuss Brian. Phoebe is getting on much better with Roy - there's just one thing that's still making both Roy and Phoebe sad. Also, Mike's struggling to settle in Birmingham. The husband of Carol's old Bristol neighbour, Hester, has died. Carol's going to the funeral. Jill talks to Kenton. Kenton decides that he and Jolene will sort out all their problems on their own, together. Forget everyone else.

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