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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 20th, 2015

Episode 311 of 870 episodes

Rex tries to rouse Toby, having been up early working with the geese. Toby points out he has been networking with local farmers - he was at the meeting last night with David and the Grundy boys - he says Adam has invited them over to talk about share farming. They go over, but it seems Toby is ahead of himself as Adam wasn't exactly expecting them. Toby tries to persuade Adam to let them run cattle on his land. Adam will think about it, and would like to see their CVs. As Adam goes round collecting silage form farmers, Helen's happy to help, but will check with Tom. Helen's a bit thrown when Adam offers his and Ian's congratulations to her. Helen visits Fallon at her new home, Woodbine Cottage. Fallon also seems to know about her pregnancy (from Jolene, via Eddie). Helen mentions that Rob is in charge of the café area in the Bridge Farm shop, so Fallon can talk to him with any questions etc. Helen's a bit subdued as Fallon talks of her happiness with her business and life with Harrison. Charlie is looking terrible, barely holding it together. Adam is there and Charlie appreciates a friend. Toby goes over to talk to Adam, unannounced, about this share farming idea. Adam says he'll think about it.

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