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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 20th, 2015

Episode 346 of 870 episodes

Kenton feels positive, looking forward to the Bull's grand reopening, which will coincide with the Christmas lights switch-on on December 4th. He relishes in the Ambridge 'Blitz Spirit', talking about things reopening and village activities including the upcoming touch-rugby tournament. Harrison talks of Fallon and Emma being busy with their catering business - with a big wedding coming up. Kenton notices that Charlie seems miserable, though. Charlie's trying to escape his worries, as he learns about the Grundy's having to move out of Grey Gables and problems for local dairy farmers. Evasive Charlie admits to Adam that he's under pressure from Justin - like the Grundys, he could be out on his ear soon. Ruth's busy sending an important email as David, Pip and Jill chivvy her along to join them for Pip's celebration dinner at La Femme Du Monde. Over dinner, Ruth tells David how proud she is of Pip - and raises a toast of her own. Ruth's so grateful at how they've managed without her during difficult times. But Ruth can't stop all the thoughts buzzing round her head, including her late Mum and the farm. She needs to get away and clear her head. Ruth has decided to go to New Zealand on a farm research trip - the one Pip mentioned a little while ago.

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