The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 21st, 2016

Episode 529 of 870 episodes

Kate phones Phoebe, rather more people than she was expecting have turned up to her summer solstice celebration and she needs help with crowd control. Phoebe, who has got up early to revise for an exam, refuses. Later, Roy phones Phoebe to wish her luck for her exam and Phoebe tells him about Kate's party. Joe repairs a ferret cage in the kitchen at Grange Farm much to Clarrie's horror. She tells him making the place messy for when the agent visits won't make any difference to the valuation of the farmhouse. Joe reluctantly agrees to tidy up. The agent wants the crack in the kitchen wall to be investigated further by a surveyor. Jill apologises to Carol for telling Anna about Carol's fall. Carol is annoyed that Jill made it her own business but accepts her apology. Later, over tea, they talk about Anna. Jill says Anna cares a lot for her mother and Carol says she's trying her best to appear grateful. Phoebe gets back from her exam and Kate asks her to make her some tea as she's worn out from clearing up after the solstice celebration. Phoebe says she's had enough and she packs her things and goes to Roy's house. Roy comforts his daughter, saying she can stay with him and if there's any more trouble with Kate, he'll sort it.

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