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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 21st, 2015

Episode 312 of 870 episodes

Lynda gets busy trying to recruit actors for Calendar Girls, asking Helen and working on Susan - the star of last year's show. Susan fears being exposed though, not keen to get undressed on stage. Lynda sneakily prints off audition posters at work and when Susan phones Lynda to turn down a role, Lynda pretends in front of suspicious Roy that she's dealing with a customer. Rob shows no remorse for Charlie and the situation at Berrow Farm. Lynda laps up Rob's negative view of Charlie, but Helen's sympathetic. Rob tells Lynda about his step parental agreement application - Helen's rather taken aback that Rob's so open about it. Rob's aggressive on the phone to a builder and uses Helen's vulnerable state to make a point. Helen's uncomfortable and says she wants to be treated normally - she isn't happy that everyone knows their secret, but as ever Rob wins her round and she drops the subject. Henry's delighted when Rob tells him he can adopt him. Henry says he has the best daddy in the world - and asks if he can go hunting now! Rob says that's up to Helen, who agrees.

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