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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



February 22nd, 2016

Episode 426 of 870 episodes

Rex is irritated when Toby is late for a meeting with Josh to discuss their pastured egg business. Rex points out how much of an asset Josh would be to them when Toby dismisses him as a "schoolboy". Rex then worries Toby will let him down on another job - moving Lilian's furniture out of the Dower House tomorrow. Meanwhile, Bert is far along in the process of building their egg-mobile. Toby's concerned at some of the fittings, but Bert's affronted when Toby suggests changes. While raking straw, Ruth realises the sheer scale of the changes at Brookfield, and wonders if they are doing the right thing. David's excited though. Rather than help out David and Ruth, Josh goes to his meeting with the Fairbrothers. Ruth points out he also has revision to do. Rex is impressed by Brookfield's new "multi-coloured" herd. Josh, Toby and Rex settle on a new breed of their own - Welsh hens - and a hardy type of packaging that.

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