The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 22nd, 2015

Episode 204 of 870 episodes

Tony's eager to show his holiday photographs, but he has a reluctant audience. Helen updates her parents on the latest offer for the shop. She's keen they start thinking about what to do next, but Tom's evasive. Excited Helen imparts her wedding news. Peggy approves, but privately Pat and Tony maintain their reservations. Later Helen tackles Tom about his reluctance to reveal their plans for a new shop. Tom explains that after everything that's happened to Tony in the last year, he'd rather just tread carefully right now. In a quiet moment with his dad, Tom asks if everything's OK. Of course, replies Tony, he's just settling back in. Bridge Farm's where he belongs. Pip's contemplative. Who knows where she'll end up once she begins her new job? Surveying his thriving land and cattle, David wouldn't want to be anywhere else. They need to keep on track though, so he suggests a day at the Livestock Event for inspiration. Ruth calls. Her mum's not great. She's worrying about getting stuck in a care home for the rest of her days, and is becoming quite difficult. Tired Ruth's taking it one step at a time, but she's finding the whole situation very trying. She's missing David and the children, and can't wait to get home.

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