The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 23rd, 2015

Episode 206 of 870 episodes

Adam tells Brian he'd like to delay the next lambing to March, but Brian's appalled at the idea - early lambing is key to their system. Brian expresses how unhappy he is with all Adam's recent changes. Brian and Jennifer go to the wine tasting at Grey Gables, where Jill gets a bit tiddly with Carol. Jill and Carol worry about Bert - he needs to become active again in his own garden, but is haunted by ghosts of happier times with Freda. There are lots of events coming up at Lower Loxley, including an Opera, wine festival and the village fete. Over a drink, Pip tells Rex about her Granny Heather being in hospital. Rex shares his worries about his and Toby's goose farming business. He feels that it wasn't meant to be, as he hasn't been able to get hold of any land to raise the geese on. They just need a building to house 100. Pip assures Jill that she'll be around to help David on the farm as much as she can before she goes away to start her new job. Pip won't let David down.

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