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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 23rd, 2015

Episode 235 of 870 episodes

Ruth's up in Prudhoe as Pip updates her on farm progress over the phone. Ruth won't leave her mum Heather until she can get her to understand her situation - Heather needs proper care and will need to move into a home permanently. Ruth confides in Usha, who has travelled up with work and uses the trip for a catch up. Ruth feels guilty for sneaking around looking at places. Toby invites Pip to join him round at Hollowtree for curry and a few beers. She teases him for his lack of knowledge about feed. Pip spells out her plans with the new job, which takes her to Brazil. Toby says that's terrible that she's going so soon. He flirtily thanks her for all her help in getting his business off the ground and they end up kissing. Brian and Charlie agree details for some important shoots in November and December - Justin's inviting important guests to these ones and Brian says he and Will will be very accommodating. Brian asks Charlie for his advice - talking confidentially about Adam. Charlie says it was a mistake for Adam to give up on the maize, but tells Brian he should support Adam all the way. What's the alternative - getting a complete stranger in to run the farm?

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