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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 23rd, 2015

Episode 288 of 870 episodes

When Helen broaches the idea of Rob adopting Henry with Pat, Pat's happy about it - thinking of Alistair adopting young Daniel and saying what a solid unit the Hebden Lloyds are. Pat asks Helen if she's ok. Pat thinks back to the arguments she used to have with Rob - how her view of him has changed since then. Pat points out how good Rob on the business side too - very charming and tactful. Yes, he's very persuasive, says Helen. As Peggy reports back on her lunch at Grey Gables yesterday, Jennifer's convinced that Hester knows something about the death of John Tregorran and Carol's supposed part in it. Peggy warns Jennifer not to get carried away. As Lilian is on a research trip with Kate at a holistic retreat, Jennifer jumps at the opportunity to give Peggy a lift later - a chance to meet and talk to Hester. Jennifer introduces herself and fishes for information. Hester talks of Carol's courage. Lilian wishes Jennifer would let the subject drop - even if Carol did help John to his death, Lilian questions whether it was such a bad thing. Jennifer vows to get to the bottom of it.

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