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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



January 24th, 2016

Episode 401 of 870 episodes

At Bridge Farm, Rob causes an argument with Tom by telling him he's cutting back on the order for Tom's sausages. Rob reminds Tom that ordering is down to Rob and Helen. They agree to finish this conversation another time. Ian chats to Adam about his new menu at Grey Gables, keen for them to try it over lunch today. Adam's phone rings, but on Ian's advice Adam ignores it to enjoy their lie in. It's Charlie, who tells Adam he'll be popping into the Bull at lunchtime - fancy a quick drink before I head off? At the pub Fallon updates Ed on the wedding she's catering and the difficult bride. The village hall, meanwhile, has loads of volunteers, including Ed, Rex and Rex's rugby mates. Ed wishes Charlie all the best, and Charlie's touched when Ed offers to buy him a drink. Adam arrives breathless at the Bull, distracted as Ed tries to chat with him. Adam's too late - Charlie has set off for Durham, says Ed. Adam's late for his lunch date with a disgruntled Ian. Waiting for Adam, Ian hadn't ordered, and the lamb he was eager to try is no longer available. Adam ruefully comments that when something's gone, it's gone - nothing you can do about it.

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