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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 24th, 2015

Episode 349 of 870 episodes

David and Pip have to deal with Ketosis in the cows, which means the yields will be down. Pip asks whether they're getting back to using their mixer wagon. David says they'll carry on as they are, although Pip fears the risk of more ketosis. They agree not to bother Ruth with all this. David has made contact with an old farming contact in New Zealand who's happy to put Ruth up during her stay - what a relief she'll have a friendly face over there. Lynda coaches Kirsty to talk to Roy and persuade him to be in Calendar Girls. Kirsty makes small-talk about her photo shoot today for the calendar (her pics have a birdwatcher theme) - Elizabeth is also having her pics taken. Roy's persuaded to audition for the remaining small role - John. He finds out John is Annie's (Elizabeth) husband. Lynda stresses that any gossip about them doesn't matter - this is theatre, art! Roy accepts the role. Elizabeth congratulates Roy and over a drink they chat about her role and Elizabeth's own personal experience. Kirsty drops some subtle hints as she's looking for a flat share - or a house, maybe. Roy tentatively mentions he has a spare room. Sensing Kirsty's eagerness, Roy happily offers it to her.

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