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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



January 25th, 2016

Episode 402 of 870 episodes

Matthew sneaks up and surprises Pip, who's looking out over the sheep - it'll be a shame to see them go. Pip suggests a meal to celebrate the success of this little venture, which Pip reflects was set about because of Matthew - to cover what Brookfield owed him when they cut his original contract short (because of her). Pip wants to make the most of every last minute she has with Matthew. Meanwhile, Tom meets Joe to discuss Joe's secret recipe for black pudding. Later at the Bull, Pip brings Matthew to meet Toby and Rex and offer advice for their poultry business. Toby's sniffy. It's a horrendously busy time at the Bull for Jolene on Burns Night - she has to cover in the kitchen when their temp chef texts a sick excuse. There are all sorts of traditions including whisky toddies and Kenton tries to entertain Jolene who becomes increasing harassed. As they look ahead to other busy times, including Valentine's night, Kenton promises they'll get a proper chef in.

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