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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 25th, 2016

Episode 558 of 870 episodes

David and Ruth tackle a flare up of mastitis in their dairy herd. Fallon arrives to ask about "Dunk the Vicar" at the fete - she can't track down all of the attraction's parts. David and Ruth can't help. Out riding, Caroline tells Shula that the Grundys now know there has been an offer on the farmhouse. Shula reports that Alistair is in the process of moving his veterinary practice back to the Stables. Eventually, Caroline makes Shula come clean about what is bothering her. Shula reveals her guilt over the hunt sab incident, when she kept quiet about Rob's darker side. In light of recent events, she wishes she had not lied at the time. Adam chances on Tom working in the pig field. Adam asks if Tom has thought any further about applying for the Nuffield scholarship. Tom says he started drafting some answers but he doesn't think he can take the time away from Bridge Farm that the scholarship requires. Adam reveals that Justin may be interested in sponsoring Tom's idea. Tom is flattered... but with everything that is going on, when would be a good time to bring it up?

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