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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 25th, 2015

Episode 290 of 870 episodes

Carol has a flat tyre, so Jennifer keenly steps in to drive Hester to the train station - Hester's going back to Bristol today. Having tried to get more information out of Hester about John Tregorran's death and Carol's supposed involvement, Jennifer goes to the burial ground where Carol is also. They have a poignant conversation which seems to put things to rest - Carol opens up about how she loved John, and she knew that Jenny cared for him and he for her. As Carol talks of being there while he was dying, Jennifer seems to understand and forgets her obsession with what Carol actually did or didn't do - respecting that Carol was there for him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth helps Jill to finally move into Grey Gables, making lots of effort to make Jill comfortable. Guilty David is there to help, with Jill telling him she's just fine. David reminds Jill to come back any time. Privately in her room, Jill gets upset and thinks of Phil.

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