The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 25th, 2016

Episode 611 of 870 episodes

Tony reassures anxious Helen as they await Rob's first contact visit with baby Jack. Later besotted Rob's delight turns to bewildered despair when the time comes for a nappy change. He suggests enlisting Ursula's assistance, but Tony is firm; that's not in the rules. So through gritted teeth Rob asks for Tony's help. There's joy at the Flower and Produce Show as Henry finds out he's won first prize with his bejewelled crown, and he and Helen celebrate. However when Tony returns with Jack, Henry's distraught that he can't see his Daddy, whilst his brother can. As Jill struggles to fit all her Flower and Produce entries into the boot of her car alongside Carol's, Toby and Pip offer to take some to the Show for her. The couple are now cautiously 'official', but Pip's keen that Toby lets Rex know as soon as he's back in Ambridge. There's a flurry as Jill's announced as the winner of the Freda Fry Memorial Award for Best in Show with her chutney - but then an embarrassing moment as Carol spots it's actually her chutney that has won. There must have been a mix up with the names. Toby comes clean; it was he who put out the jars earlier. Jill is extremely annoyed.

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