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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 25th, 2015

Episode 350 of 870 episodes

Phoebe's thrilled to get a letter revealing she has an interview for Oxford. She encourages Jennifer, who's nervous about having her photo taken for the Calendar Girls calendar - Jenny agrees that if you've still got it why not show it off! Restless Will's up in the middle of the night, having had anxiety dreams about today's shoot. However, it goes well and Justin Elliot's very impressed. This, plus the good news that Mia will be playing Mary in the nativity, can't distract Will from his sadness that his family faces eviction. Jennifer sympathises as the Grundys have been asked to leave Grey Gables asap. Rob's delighted to be invited to the shoot and Jennifer's in her element serving food to Justin and his cronies. Rob impressed Justin with his shooting. Rob gets chatting to Jennifer who intrigues him with a comment about Adam and Ian. When he asks, Jennifer hints that there was a moment when she doubted their relationship, but she stops herself saying any more. Justin asks Brian for his opinion on Charlie, who Justin thinks hasn't been a great manager at Berrow Farm - it was such a shame that Rob walked out. He's a real loss. Just wants to find out what happened between Charlie and Rob. Brian suggests that Justin needs to ask Rob if he wants the truth.

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