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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



January 26th, 2016

Episode 403 of 870 episodes

As Eddie completes the paint work on the restored shed which burnt down at Grange Farm, Joe chuckles with Eddie about Tom's face when Joe revealed the secret family black pudding ingredient Tom was craving. Joe has a cunning idea for the cider club - they can relocate it to Grange Farm from Saturday onwards, starting the drinking at 5pm. Joe instructs Roy to tell Mike about the change of premises. This year will mark Lynda and Robert's 30th anniversary living in Ambridge. Keen to mark this milestone, Lynda commissions Eddie to make her a special shepherd's hut. Roy covers his incredulity, amazed at the news. Eddie feels confident it'll be a simple job, for which you can charge top dollar. No harm in trying, says Joe. Ruth has been dealing with the auctioneers and David's arm is still not 100%. Ruth is going to call a farmer who owns cross-breds, to arrange a visit - why should Matthew and Pip have all the fun?! They're keen to get a good price for their cows and hope their catalogue entry will be inviting - they'll just have to wait for it to arrive and then see what happens on the day of the sale.

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