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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 26th, 2016

Episode 481 of 870 episodes

Lilian has found Justin the perfect table for the Dower House dining room. He loves it. She has also added a bronze velvet chair of her own as a statement piece. Justin thinks Miranda will be impressed when she visits next week. Lilian shows Jennifer her interior design. She's worrying about that chair - what will Miranda think? Jennifer can see the real reason for her worrying: Lilian is making personal choices that usually a wife would make. Adam shows Brian a new handling system for the incoming cattle. Jennifer says it will be nice to have cattle at Home Farm again. Jennifer claims she has seen fairies in a little elfin grotto in the Millennium Wood! Brian thinks she has been on the magic mushrooms. Jennifer fills Brian and Adam in on the situation with Henry which they all lament. Anna interviews Helen to prepare a defence statement. Helen is fixating on Henry, insisting he is not safe with Rob. Helen can only recall hazy details of the night of the incident, but she needs to decide how to plead. She is facing two separate charges: one of attempted murder, and one of wounding with intent. She panics when Anna suggests that even if she's found guilty of the lesser charge, she would face four to six years in prison, of which she would serve half. Anna says if Rob was violent and Helen acted in self-defence, she must not plead guilty to either charge. Helen feels like whatever she does, she could end up in prison.

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