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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



May 26th, 2016

Episode 507 of 870 episodes

Kenton and Jolene are looking forward to a busy bank holiday weekend. Kenton's order of "The Elves of Ambridge" t-shirts have arrived. He's hoping they'll sell well but Jolene has heard from Eddie that the elves' days in the Millennium Wood may be numbered. Jolene notes that being on the shortlists for Best Use of Local Ingredients and Family Dining at the Borchester Food and Drink Awards will boost trade. They're up against Fallon's Tea Room in the former category. Jolene says making the shortlists is entirely thanks to Wayne. She asks Kenton is they should make him permanent but Kenton is not sure. Jennifer and Lilian go dress shopping in Cheltenham for Brian and Jennifer's ruby wedding anniversary party. On their way the sisters think about Helen, her new baby and the burden on Pat and Tony. Their thoughts turn to Jennifer and Brian's fortieth wedding anniversary party. Miranda is unable to attend and they wonder on Justin and Miranda's relationship. Jennifer says it's wonderful to see the old Lilian back; Justin has brought a sparkle back to her eye. Kenton is flustered by Wayne's constant talk of his new girlfriend Beverley. He quizzes Jolene about her. What does Jolene think about the relationship? Does Beverley look like Jolene? What's her surname? Jolene is caught on the hop and tells Kenton Beverley's surname is - Drains! Kenton continues to be curious about Beverley. As soon as she has a moment Jolene tells Wayne he needs to drop the Beverley story, Kenton's on to him.

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