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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 26th, 2015

Episode 212 of 870 episodes

Tony has the long awaited letter from the Health and Safety Executive. To Pat and Tony's huge relief, the HSE will not be bringing any criminal proceedings against them following the Bull attack. They may still have to pay costs as mentioned before, but that's ok - things could have been so much worse. Rex, Toby and Pip check out Hollowtree Farm as a location for the men's geese. There used to be pigs in the area but now it's just storage. Rex is looking at housing 100 goslings. Pip explains the deal - it can only be for a few months but at least it's a start, and the Fairbrothers will take on a formal tenancy with David - at a fair rate. Helen seems much brighter to Pat since she has been active with work and also now planning a wedding. Tony reflects on his life and his and Pat's long history on the farm. David wishes he could be up in Prudhoe with Ruth, sorting things out for Heather. Ruth is working out interim and longer term care for her mother following her stroke. Jennifer has a copy of the flood risk report for David. There are some important findings which could be dynamite for the anti-route B new road brigade.

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