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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 26th, 2015

Episode 264 of 870 episodes

Fallon receives a notice of eviction from her flat above the village shop. Supportive Jolene says she can move into the Bull if she wants. Fallon worries that Kenton is still very down - but Jolene says he'll snap out of it soon. Harrison suggests to Fallon that they look for a place of their own together - Fallon's delighted by the idea. Lynda promotes the opera to Harrison, while Jim and Lynda converse in Italian. Jim mentions Bridge Farm and their 'Machiavellian' schemes. He and Lynda discuss the strategy against Hazel and her plans for the village shop. Jim points out that they need to be specific and quote the law, to get the planning committee to pay attention. Lynda says if they'd foreseen Hazel's plans they could have registered the shop as a community asset. Jim thinks this is worth checking out. Kenton offloads to Harrison about not wanting to live a lie and pretend everything's ok with his family. Harrison thinks of his own rift with his brother, which he can't seem to fix. Harrison hints that Kenton still can - it's easy to lose your family, but very hard to get them back.

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