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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 26th, 2016

Episode 612 of 870 episodes

Susan's gaining maximum gossip value over the chutney mix up and Jill's accidental winning of the Freda Fry Memorial Award for Best in Show. Carol adds to Jill's unease by teasing her about the plaudits she's been getting under false pretences. Keen to make amends, Jill squares it with the Echo so that it's Carol's name in print as the winner. Carol continues to feign discontent, before capitulating and urging Jill to see the funny side. She certainly won't let it spoil their friendship. Jill's grateful, but that doesn't stop her feeling cross with Toby. Alice is planning a party for her birthday. She wants to push the boat out, and has asked a bunch of her new work mates as well as her boss. Jennifer asks whether Adam's invited, Alice is evasive. When Jennifer pushes her, Alice admits no-one likes a bust up - and Adam's only got himself to blame for his current situation. Later, Susan adds to Jennifer's consternation over her son as she fishes for information over the state of his marriage. And Alice maintains her hard line stance when she and Adam talk. It's all about trust, and if she'd been Ian she would have walked out months ago. Adam's shocked. When Jennifer takes pity and offers him a room at Home Farm, he declines. He'll stay where he is!

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