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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 27th, 2016

Episode 560 of 870 episodes

Eddie alerts Rex to a disaster at Hollowtree. The hens were not shut away the night before and a fox has got in through a gap in the netting, killing and wounding many of the birds. Rex is furious at Toby who was supposed to shut the hens away the night before. Ian makes Adam a cooked breakfast before he starts another long day combining. Ian is looking forward to Benny Carvahlo from Felpersham City opening the fete... Lynda is not. Adam reports that he gave Johnny and Josh a rollicking after they were caught playing with the combine harvester. Ian has written a draft of a letter to Helen, to clear the air between them. Adam reads it and gives him some tips. Josh joins Rex and Eddie at Hollowtree and is appalled at the destruction to the flock. They set about rounding up the surviving hens. They believe it is Toby's new woman who has taken his mind off the job. Toby arrives and realises the impact of his error. The three of them try to assess how much this will affect their output. Toby says he will find the money to re-stock. Despite Toby's assurances, Rex wonders if he and Josh should go it alone without Toby...

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