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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 27th, 2015

Episode 291 of 870 episodes

It's the last match of the season and the Ambridge Cricket team faces Darrington - if they win today they'll take the league. Alistair steps in for Alistair as captain. Henry hero-worships his 'Daddy' and tells Pip that Rob's going to adopt him. Rob's coaching has helped Johnny, who gets into a bit of 'sledging' with a batsman. Rob's with Johnny, but Adam wants the team to win by playing fairly and not winding up the other team. Pip mentions to Pat that she thinks Jill isn't settling too well into Lower Loxley, but covering it up. They're planning a special welcome for Heather. Meanwhile, Helen's not feeling well and has to take herself off. Rob encourages Johnny's aggressive play and criticizes Adam at every opportunity. Rob refuses to walk when there's a question over whether he edged the ball or not. Rob's encouraged to be a gentleman and leave the crease, but with no firm evidence against him Rob stays in to play and Ambridge go on to win the match and the league - and then offends Adam with a comment about 'real men'. Helen may have captured the moment in question on her phone, as she was filming Henry playing. But Rob takes her phone for a look and gives it back saying there's nothing there. How strange, says Helen, confused. Henry runs up to Rob to congratulate him on winning the match.

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