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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



January 28th, 2016

Episode 405 of 870 episodes

Following Justin's advice, Lilian is selling some of her Amside properties. Justin admits he'd like to lay down roots in Ambridge - but his wife feels differently. He asks about renting the Dower House as a weekend retreat. Jennifer's delighted to have Lilian stay on at Home Farm - Lilian wonders what Brian's going to say though. Brian's also eager to know what's happening with Kate's "therapy centre" business. Pip says good bye to her welsh sheep. Matthew really doesn't want to leave Brookfield, but he has no choice. He promises to come back and see Pip as soon as he can. Justin admits to Brian and Jennifer he has learned some hard lessons about getting on the wrong side of the community. He's keen to do better in future. Brian's eager to know that he and Adam have the contract for the Estate. Justin's keen for Adam to come to the next BL Board meeting to outline a new strategy for the Estate. He offers to get Brian back onto the Board, mentioning that Annabelle has never really been up to the mark. While Justin can't ask her to stand down, he anticipates that she'll do the right thing in time - then the path would be clear for Brian to become Chair again - if he wants it.

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