The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



February 28th, 2016

Episode 431 of 870 episodes

Tom finally catches Helen on her own. He wants to know if she and Henry are all right. Helen protests that he is reading too much into her tears at his birthday meal - she's fine. Toby informs Carol that the village hall renovations are almost complete. He asks Carol's opinion about his pastured eggs, as well as Lilian who's passing on horseback. Lilian tells Toby she doesn't have time to stop, but they can talk if he comes back to the stables with her. While towelling down the horse, Toby gives Lilian his best sales pitch. It becomes clear that he has targeted her because of her business connections... namely, Justin. Bert gives an emotional speech at St Stephen's, one year since the devastating flood, paying tribute to Freda. Carol helps Bert settle back in at the bungalow and says that Freda would approve of the décor... aside from the tartan footstool. Bert affirms that no matter how difficult he might find this time, this is where he belongs.

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