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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 28th, 2015

Episode 213 of 870 episodes

David supports Pip's idea to lay another main track on the other side of the farm, linking all the fields. David admits there's no point holding back on farming developments just because of the threat of a new road. David's going to call Radio Borsetshire to do an interview to speak up about the flood risk report. Jennifer has sent him a press release. Pip gives an update on the Fairbrothers who seem to be getting going with their geese business. Pip can see how shattered David is, and says she'll do the milking in the morning. There's a family birthday party for Phoebe at Roy's. Phoebe appreciates the effort Roy has made, as Kate talks passionately to various guests about mindfulness. Phoebe's grateful to Hayley for her card and some money - it seems too much to Phoebe, though. Hayley's so proud of Phoebe for everything she's had to go through - this next year is going to be a good one. Phoebe's boyfriend Alex meets Hayley and Kate. Kate has a few drinks and embarrasses Phoebe, trying to be popular with the youngsters. As they discuss music and festivals, Kate tells Alex about giving birth to Phoebe in a tepee at Glastonbury. Phoebe apologises to Alex for Kate's behaviour. It's fine, he says. Anyway, they'll enjoy some proper quality time together at their own party on Friday.

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