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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 28th, 2016

Episode 535 of 870 episodes

Lilian has a call from Justin who is on his way to Ambridge. They agree to meet later at the Dower House and go for dinner. Adam brings round a birthday present for Phoebe and he and Lilian reflect on the EU Referendum result. Adam remembers it's the FHDRA tomorrow and Lilian says it sounds like Rob has turned really nasty. They both hope the court decides that Henry should go back to Pat and Tony and Jack will stay with Helen. Pip helps Rex with the goslings and Rex moans to her about Toby's obsession with his film and how he and Josh took hens from Willow Farm. He apologises to Pip for messing her family around. She tells him to stop beating himself up and assures him her parents don't bear any grudges. When Toby shows up at Hollowtree, Pip asks him and Rex for a favour. She's transporting three heifers her mum has sold and she'd like some company. Toby pushes forward Rex to join her. Outside the village shop, Adam chats Justin who has just bought some Home Farm strawberries. Justin has been researching no-till and Adam is impressed by what he knows. Later, on their way home from dinner, Justin and Lilian bump into Toby and Rex. Toby thinks it's obvious that Lilian and Justin are having an affair. He tells Rex to make his move with Pip but Rex reckons she's not interested in him like that. Toby thinks he should to get out of his negative mind set and go for it.

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