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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 28th, 2016

Episode 587 of 870 episodes

With Kaz out of danger after self-harming, Pat's relief is tinged with concern at the effect the incident will have on Helen. She's been through such a lot already. Johnny points out Helen's more worried that Kaz won't be allowed back in the MBU. They agree it couldn't have come at a worse time for Helen. Adam's still taking a hard line with Alice over the damage to the tractor. Ian thinks he's being too harsh. But Adam's still mulling over whether to forgive her. The repair bill alone will be a couple of grand. It's sandwiches at dawn over the cricket tea, with players shunning Shula's egg and cress and meat paste in favour of the more exotic chicken piri-piri courtesy of Fallon. Hearts sink with Rob's appearance at the match. His unsought advice goes down badly with Adam, and Ian blames Rob for Adam's subsequent poor form at the crease. Pat and Johnny stoke the fire when they relate the contents of Rob's statement for the family court hearing. Ian feels desperately for Helen, and decides he'll visit her. When Rob confronts Ian about his role as a character witness, it's too much for Ian and he nearly snaps. However he quickly turns the tables so that Rob's the one who's riled. I'll see you in court, promises Ian quietly.

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