The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 28th, 2015

Episode 292 of 870 episodes

Jill pops over to Brookfield as Josh was worried about the bees. David's pleased to see her. Jill bumps into Eddie and talks about life at Lower Loxley - it doesn't feel quite like home. Eddie promises to come and pay Jill a visit. Will's under pressure to make the shoot a success for Justin Elliot. With his bird numbers down, Will decides to start doing a nightly watch for poachers. Meanwhile, the cricket trophy's proudly placed over the bar at the Bull. Eddie thinks Rob deserves it, but Will says there are others who'll disagree (like Adam) Ruth helps Heather get her things together and they prepare to hit the road on the journey to Ambridge. With a graduation gift for Pip packed in her suitcase, Heather's so looking forward to waking up tomorrow in her own bed again. It's going to be lovely for everyone, says Ruth, having Heather with them. Heather feels very lucky. They enjoy a sing song in the car before Heather has a little nap. Ruth pulls over for a break at a service station. Heather doesn't respond to Ruth's conversation and Ruth realises that something's wrong. She calls the paramedics and then David who says he'll get in the car and come and join her. At the hospital, Ruth's in shock and tells David that Heather had another stroke and never woke up. She's dead.

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