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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



December 28th, 2015

Episode 378 of 870 episodes

The Calendar Girls cast are elated after a successful opening night, but hungover Lilian's not so keen to have to do it all again. And what can they do about Jean Harvey, who seems to be out to deliberately upstage everyone?! Jean has also got Neil and Roy to move the set around for her, to preserve modesty. Lynda hopes for a favourable review from Tristram and praises Jean, to others' chagrin. Elizabeth talks to Roy about Nigel - it will soon be five years since he died. During tonight's second performance Kirsty seems to have a problem with her costume - Neil has to perform some 'emergency surgery' with safety pins. Jean Harvey's character Jessie's knitting seems to have gone missing - sabotage from Lilian, perhaps. Harrison saves the day by improvising and bringing it onstage to 'Jessie' with an adlib. Following an altercation with Lilian, Jean may have got her own back by not being around for her entrance, forcing Lilian to improvise. The show goes well, though, and Kirsty and Lilian share a secret joke about Jean, which Lynda seems to miss.

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