The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



March 29th, 2016

Episode 457 of 870 episodes

Joe is dumbfounded that anyone would have stolen the curtain fund from the church. Eddie is similarly dumbfounded about the pageant play! It made him realise that the land used to belong to common men. Bert passes by, on his way to help Rex with the pastured hens. Joe and Eddie get the guided tour of the Fairbrothers' egg-caravan. Bert is aggrieved that Toby isn't pulling his weight at home. Rex says he is used to cleaning up after his brother. Helen's phone rings and when Rob asks, she dismisses it as a junk call. He tells her how lovely she looks, but she is tense. Rob tells Pat he would like to do something special for Helen before the baby arrives. Pat suggests a weekend away in the country. Helen is on the phone to Kirsty, trying to put her off meeting up. Rob comes in and she says it is another robot. Later, Rob picks up Helen's phone. Rob tells Helen that it was the midwife, agreeing with Helen that a hospital birth would be better. Rob is annoyed that he was bypassed and detects Kirsty's influence. Helen summons the courage to point out that this is what she wants, and it is her baby. Rob relents, and says he understands: "darling, I'm not a monster.".

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