The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 29th, 2016

Episode 536 of 870 episodes

Anna leaves Glebe Cottage for the FHDRA forgetting her purse. Carol rushes after her with it. Meanwhile at court, Pat and Tony go through security and see Rob. Tony observes that he is using a walking stick even though they never see him with it when he's dropping off Henry. Tony and Pat see Helen via the video-link and are impressed with her appearance although she looks very pale. The hearing begins and Anna, getting off to a shaky start, puts Helen's side of things across. Rob's barrister outlines Rob's point of view. The judge then invites Rob to tell the court about his recovery. When the judge asks Helen if she has heard everything, Helen is shaken but insists she would never hurt her children, they mean everything to her. The judge decides to keep the situation as it is until after the trial: Jack to stay with Helen, and Henry to stay with Rob to avoid further disruption. Anna sees Tony briefly and tells him they shouldn't give up hope. When she gets back to Glebe Cottage, Anna finds Carol has dropped a lasagne she has made. Anna is tearful and Carol pours them glasses of wine. She asks what's bothering her and Anna says it could be happening again but this time she has got to stop it.

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