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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 29th, 2015

Episode 240 of 870 episodes

Jill and Carol look ahead to the Flower and Produce show. Ruth's coming home tomorrow as Heather has been moved into interim care where she has settled in well. David sees to the cows before the harvest starts. He's not completely happy that Pip has gone to Hollowtree to walk the geese out with the Fairbrothers. Rex continues to debate with Pip, as they argue about grazing. Pip reminds them she's going to High Wycombe and then hopefully in a few months Brazil. Toby reminds Pip about the game fair on Friday - she hasn't decided whether she's coming yet. With Eddie busy, Pip feels they should get on with employing a contract milker. David holds out some hope that Ruth will be home properly soon. And besides, he remembers the last 'outsider' they brought in (Sam). Pip thought he was great, but he left rather suddenly. Jill tries to persuade Carol to join the W.I. They discuss the upcoming Centenary, with lots of regional events on 16th Sept. Carol gently stirs things with Pip, asking about the Game Fair and the Fairbrothers. Jill's concern about the Fairbrothers relates to their father, Robin - a lothario who once broke Elizabeth's heart. Rex warns Toby not to break Pip's heart. But Toby just wants to show her a good time.

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