The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 29th, 2016

Episode 588 of 870 episodes

Carol tries to coax strung out daughter Anna to the opera at Lower Loxley, but Anna informs her she's made other plans. She intercepts ex-partner Max on her doorstep and persuades her to go for a drink. They have unfinished business. Anna's initial aim of merely pouring out her heart about work soon falls away as she begs to keep seeing Max - she needs her in her life. But Max wants a clean break, and, albeit kindly, tells lost Anna not to try contacting her again. Finding Richard on his own at the opera, Shula suggests they sit together. But Carol scuppers her plan, insisting Shula take her seat next to Jill, with a nice cosy rug and cushion. Carol asserts that she envies Shula her busy life and close family. The vacant seat next to Richard is filled by Elizabeth, who arranges them an interval supper hamper. They later toast Fallon and Puccini with sparkling wine. Over a nightcap later Elizabeth explains the complicated situation with Freddie, confiding that she had an unwise liaison for which she hasn't been forgiven. Richard's understanding, and is fulsome in his praise for modest Elizabeth. They have a moment, which ends in awkwardness as flustered Elizabeth sees him off the premises.

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