The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 29th, 2015

Episode 293 of 870 episodes

Ruth's grieving and exhausted. Heather was happy and like her old self again, just before she died. David suggests Ruth concentrates on practical things and he offers to start contacting funeral directors. Ruth insists she'll do it. David says not to worry and encourages Ruth to come home to Brookfield. Pip tries to act normally working on the farm. Ruth goes to see how she is, but Pip gets upset. Pip and David comfort Ruth who feels guilty for making Heather travel, and blaming herself. David insists that Ruth did the right thing, Tom and Pat can't believe the awful news about Heather. Pat thinks she looks tired. Tom's keen to get moving with the new Bridge Farm shop, costing the café. Helen parrots Rob, wondering whether Fallon is right for the café. She leaves this to Tom. Fallon's delighted to be offered a permanent site, next to the shop, for her Ambridge Tea Service. It's a great crossover opportunity, says Tom, who asks Fallon to use as much Bridge Farm organic produce in her menus as possible. After a moment's hesitation, Fallon says that's fine. She accepts the offer on the spot, excited. Tom's pleased but surprised when Helen doesn't seem to be also. But Helen's suddenly distracted and has to take herself off to be sick. Pat suspects Helen might be pregnant and advises a pregnancy test. But Helen says she's busy today - it'll have to wait.

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