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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



December 29th, 2015

Episode 379 of 870 episodes

Elizabeth gets talking to Dr Locke at Lower Loxley. He points out his daughter Sasha and joins Elizabeth for a hot chocolate. Richard also talks about his ex, Chloe, and Christmas, and congratulates Elizabeth on her performance in Calendar Girls. He remembers his own Ambridge drama experiences and tells Elizabeth he'll see her again soon. Helen admits to Rob she was disappointed that he let her sleep in on Christmas morning - she missed Henry opening his presents. Rob wanted her to rest after being ill. He gently reproaches Helen about Henry wanting chocolate, having been given a huge selection box by Pat and Tony. Helen and Rob tell Pat about their new 50-50 job share agreement. Pat's surprised, but Helen insists it's what she wants. Pat also tells Tom that he can't avoid Kirsty forever. Tom suggests a part time assistant at the shop and Rob agrees. Helen suggests Anya but is disappointed when Rob poo-poos the idea and suggests Anya's not very bright. Pat asks Helen if she's alright - she seems peaky. Helen insists she's eating fine. Helen admits she thinks Rob doesn't approve of Kirsty. Helen also hasn't heard back from Ian - she's a bit concerned but says he must just be working flat out.

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