The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



March 30th, 2016

Episode 458 of 870 episodes

Dan is distracted because he is nervous about girlfriend Dorothy meeting his mum Shula. Dorothy arrives early. She declares there is a lovely feeling in the home, and Dan is a lovely guy. She also gets on well with Shula. Dorothy says she will have to make tracks soon, but she is invited to stay the night, with Dan. Dan asks Shula if they could make up a spare bed for Dorothy, because he thinks Dorothy is special. Something is on Clarrie's mind. Eddie encourages her to tell him. Clarrie reveals to Eddie about Alf and the missing money. She tells him that when Alf stole from her purse, they agreed to forget about it. But then when money vanished from the church... Clarrie resolves to tell Alan but Eddie says no, he will tell him, tonight. Eddie returns from Alan's, reporting that he was really nice about it, which just made Eddie feel worse. Eddie decides to pay back every penny to stop Alf dirtying the Grundy name. Eddie leaves an angry voicemail for Alf. He is ashamed.

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