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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 30th, 2015

Episode 241 of 870 episodes

Shula's upset with Alistair, who has to cry off from visiting Dan at Lulworth tomorrow due to work. He has an interview to hopefully land a big contract and put his vet business back on an even keel. Adam watches over the strawberry pickers before heading over to Brookfield to finish their wheat. Charlie pops by to pick Brian's brains. Adam's intrigued. Adam and Ian are looking forward to the cricket at Edgbaston. Charlie confides in Brian that someone must have been fiddling the figures at Berrow (with the fertility data). He's not accusing Rob, but Rob is the guy who understands the software. Charlie's at a loss to know what to do. Alistair attends to a trapped animal at Brookfield - caught up in rubbish. Alistair talks of the problems of his profession and his disappointment at letting Dan down. But Shula's happy that she can at least go in his place. However, it turns out that women aren't allowed. Shula was worried by Dan's unflustered reaction to the news. Having taken advice, Brian presents Adam with his proposal - to set up a share farming agreement, with a 60/40 split, and treat it as an experiment. From now on, Adam won't be getting a salary from the farm. Adam's gobsmacked.

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