The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 30th, 2015

Episode 294 of 870 episodes

Lynda discovers the carcass of a dead deer and alerts Brian, who suspects poachers with dogs. He feels these are not your average, local hoodlums, but nasty criminals. Kate's home from her retreat research trip with Lilian and Brian's sad he'll have to go back to being bombarded with vegan food. Kate's excited about the prospect of starting her retreats after Christmas, and plans to start by offering a New Year detox break. Jennifer feels that she and Brian should give Kate a chance to succeed. Jennifer surprises Brian with her new found appreciation of and respect for Carol - Jennifer even jokes about the absurdity of people thinking of her as a white witch (as if she never suspected Carol of anything untoward herself). After some pleading and flattery, Elizabeth agrees to Lynda's request to hold the Christmas Show at Lower Loxley this year. Elizabeth also talks to Jill, whose birthday plans will have to be altered given Heather's passing. Sad Jill feels the less time she spends at Brookfield the better.

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